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In the year 1926, a group of visionaries brightened the city of Ahmadabad with the glowing torch of education in the form of New High School in Gheekanta area of the city. These visionaries were Shri H. B. Kapadia Saheb, Shri R. K. Joglekar, Shri N.G. Lele and Shri C. B. Desai. Keeping the flame of education alive, in 1956, Shri H. B. Kapadia established The H. B. Kapadia New High School at Shahibaug. Since then, we have expanded to 8 campuses, 1100 educators and 15000 students. The group has educated more than 1 lakh students in its journey so far.

At HBK, every child is valued, encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential. We believe that it is our responsibility not only to educate the children but also teach them skills to prepare them for higher education. Our goal is to help every child excel in life by inculcating the virtues of Self-confidence, Concentration and Firm Determination.

We have a talented and committed team of educators to making sure that we respond to each child’s individual needs. HBK also provides a wide range of enriching activities including residential and day trips, music, performance and sports, which all contribute to ensuring that our children enjoy their time at school.

We also actively encourage parental support and involvement in their child’s education. It is the strength of our relationship with parents that helps children to thrive and succeed through their journey throughout the school life.

9 Kids is an initiative by The H.B.Kapadia group for Playgroup, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. 9 Kids was established in 2014 with an innovative concept based on the philosophy of providing personalized, experiential and activity based learning to children at an age where they learn the most.

9 Kids has been specially designed with 9 stimulating learning spaces to give the kids freedom to learn, explore and create with an integrated curriculum focusing on hands-on learning. The 9 stimulating learning spaces at 9 Kids help children deeply understand the concepts, relate it to the real world and develop necessary life skills. With a student-teacher ratio of 9:1, 9Kids is set to make children future ready.

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HBK Kids, an initiative by The H.B.Kapadia Group, provides contemporary learning along with adequate care to children studying through Playgroup, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten and senior kindergarten. It is located at Motera, Chhatral, IFFCO, Kadi.

It provides the right foundation to children by making them furiously independent and acquire inevitable life skills to enter 'big school' with confidence.

HBK Kids’ extremely thoughtful curriculum and hands-on activities allow children to explore, experiment and ask questions which provide wholesome learning.

It provides a fun learning environment for young children to learn by experimenting with various activities and play designed with specific learning objectives.

Children at HBK Kids acquire practical knowledge and various life skills that prepare them for direct admissions at The H.B.Kapadia New High School's primary section.

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The H.B.Kapadia Group has always supported sports as an important part of our lives. To promote sports beyond HBK school premises, we went a step ahead by owning HBK WARRIORS, a football franchise at the Ahmedabad Champions League.

From a pool of the good football players in Ahmedabad, we identified the best talent to form a promising team. From December 2015 to February 2016, the Ahmedabad Champions League, Ahmedabad’s first 6-a-side football tournament was played at Juggernaut Arena, which boasts the 1st FIFA Approved Turf in Ahmedabad.

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